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The French Bronze Master craft

Prestige Home Designer


 French Classical Luxury for your home

Prestige Home Designer


Symbol of France’s glorious times when Kings such as Louis XV and Louis XVI influenced the History of Art; Prestige Home Designer brings to your home French Classic Elegance with its unique Bronze handcraft fixtures and fittings.

From chandeliers to door handles and bath mirrors, from Regency style to Louis XV and Louis XVI styles, enlighten your home with elegance and sophistication!  Prestige Home Designer has a solution whether you are a professional or a private individual!




Prestige Home Designer: a true Artists team

Thanks to our unique and outstanding talent, renowned for our bronze Master Craft, we make the perfect piece for each of our client. Customer-focused and passionate, We spend long hours in our workshop to renovate, design and create magnificent items.

As true Artists, we put our Hearts and Souls into our unique masterpieces: each piece is selected of produced to communicate our passion and art.

In this pure tradition of French Luxury, we are highly committed to promoting this French historical art.

A Royal Solution



Our team has explored every aspect of Bronze raw material and is one of France’s most talented Artists; enabling us to offer an extended range of bronze fixtures and fittings.

From Key heads to Chandeliers, the same meticulous, detailed and rigorous work is undertaken with a unique objective: to create the perfect piece in the purest respect of French History of Art and Bronze craft tradition.






Unique and Tailored pieces...



Because each piece created at Prestige Home Designer is strictly Unique and made On-demand, we offer a significant range of Bronze fixtures and fittings in our catalogue that we update continuously to ensure each customer finds the Perfect piece.

Whether you are looking for an Old Bronze or Bright Gold effect, our pieces are available in various tints to create a Unique piece, an item reflecting your Image!



..For All ...



Professional or Private Individuals, our pieces delight customers from all over the world. From Buckingham Palace to Luxurious Hotels and homes of Emirs, our know-how and high level of service is renown and praised by all.

Prestige Home Designer has the expertise to answer all demands and requirements. Whether you are an architect looking for unique pieces or a hotel Manager seeking a magnificent crystal Chandelier, Prestige Home Designer has the solution!

 Our devotion to satisfy our customers is our "raison d'être", as such our pieces are guaranteed for 25 years.




Candleholders, Chandeliers, Floor lamps, Lanterns, Sconces or Table lamps; Prestige Home Designer has a lighting solution for each room and style.

Louis XVI chandeliers or Rustic Sconces, Prestige Home Designer masters the Art of Bronzing and has the expertise to produce each piece according to the True Spirit of each style.





Little pieces of Bronze


Switch plates, Hooks, Hat and Coat hooks, Knobs, Rosettes, Cabinet fixtures and fittings and Key heads constitute this large range of bronze items. Meticulous and Precise, this range is made to catch the eye; Small details will transform your decoration with a touch of French classicism and Historical Elegance.

Available in burnt umber, ivory black, old polish, yellow ochre, gilded or silvered, you will find the perfect piece to embellish your decoration!

Doors and Windows

Designed to decorate doors and windows, this range of Hinges, Door handles, Knockers, Pulls, Door plates, Latches, Windows fittings and Bolts will bring Style and Magnificence to your doors and windows.

Available in burnt umber, ivory black, old polish, yellow ochre, gilded or silvered, you will find the unique piece of jewellery to embellish your doors and windows!



Perfect to give a second life to your furniture or to magnify its refinement, this range of Rings, Pedestals, Pilasters, Descents, Stems, Corners, Keyholes and Escutcheons, is available in burnt umber, ivory black, old polish, yellow ochre, gilded or silvered to fulfil all your desires!